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Re: Introductions Thread

Post by MorpheusKitami » 25 Oct 2019 23:06

I'm Morpheus, I just found out about this board the other day. I'm not an old faithful of the Wolfenstein community nor do I have any previous mods or levelpacks for anything. Although I have done some games in the past most of which weren't very good.
I first found out about Wolfenstein thanks to a shareware CD back in the early '00s. It wasn't even the actual shareware Wolfenstein 3D, it was the mod Barneystein 3-D. It was weird the first time I played the shareware episode without a mod on it. That might be why I like the Catacomb series better. :roll:
I also like heavy metal music and '80s/'90s cinema.

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portable fridge
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Re: Introductions Thread

Post by portable fridge » 04 Nov 2019 16:12

im portable fridge, real name alex. im 13 right now and im new around these parts, but i have organized THE BJ PACK a weekly curated 3 map magazine.
check out THE BJ PACK at

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