LZWolf Open Invitation Mapset (Submit your maps!)

ECWolf and LZWolf both utilize a variation of DECORATE, a powerful scripting language capable of easily changing features of the game that are normally hard-coded. Share your scripts, ask for help, all that good stuff.
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LZWolf Open Invitation Mapset (Submit your maps!)

Post by wjhollyart » 12 Oct 2019 07:38



This is a call to action for a little something that AstroCreep and I have been discussing. Astro put together a toolkit for taking advantage of some of the great features inherent in LZWolf. Now with those tools, your copy of LZWolf, and your creative minds we want the community to come together and create a mapset full of independent map design ideas. An exhibition of talent, fun, dedication, and hopefully some oddball creativity.

The idea:
We don't have any unifying theme and barely any restrictions. New walls, music, actors are encouraged; but if that's not your style then just create what you think will be a fun submission. Each and every map can be as different from the last as you want to make them. Want your map to take place in the future? Cool! Followed up by a map that takes place in the stone age? Go for it! Want to make a traditional Wolf3d map adding just the new features in Astro's toolkit? Sounds great!

The few rules:
  • When adding new resources, you can create an independent xlat that indexes any actors or walls you create as long as they don't overwrite what is already defined in the xlat in Astro's toolkit xlat. Don't know what an xlat is? Astro's got you covered.
  • Maximum of 3 map submissions per submitter.
  • Keep the file size reasonable. This rule is flexible but there's probably not a good reason that a single map should be at the 100mb range.
  • When naming your resources in the PK3, try to give them some kind of prefix relevant to yourself that can help prevent naming overlap with other submissions.
  • Your map can be plenty difficult, just make sure it isn't literally impossible.
  • Please create your own map. This isn't the place to port other mods to LZWolf. We're making something new and hopefully creatively expressive.
  • This isn't really a rule, but: We will be crediting every submitter in this mapset, but if you want to leave a signature, or wall that credits you, or whatever in your map I would personally encourage this. It's a nice personal touch.
  • Edit: After some discussion, Astro and I decided that weapons will not carry over between maps. Every author can determine what weapons they want the player to start with in their map.
What you'll need: What to do:
Create a PK3 file with your map and all of the necessary resources within it. Optimally, the PK3 should be able to run your map when thrown into LZWolf along with the Toolkit pk3. If it requires a bit of TLC to get working we probably won't turn you away. Then submit this PK3 to either AstroCreep or myself. Along the way, if you find that you need help with how you should proceed, you can either PM AstroCreep or myself on these forums or message us on the WolfSource Discord and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can. You can also feel free to leave your questions here on this thread and we'll give 'em a gander. If you have general questions about how to use LZWolf the aforementioned Discord is also a great place for information, ideas, and help.

Right now this is just our initial call to action. There's no deadline or map count goal to be set until we can get the ball rolling. Astro and I are already working on what we'll be submitting and there are possibly a couple more mappers already attached as well. If this project goes well we'd love to make it a recurring thing.

So go forth and map!

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